Writer and musician


Alt Rock by Algorithm, on indie pop “internet muzak” (Frieze, 2020)
How Corporations Try To Be More Human Than Humans, on corporate personhood and brand identity (Current Affairs, 2020)

This is What Insanity Sounds Like, on the curiously self-tortured legacy of post-grunge music (The Baffler, 2019)

On the Line, on the prevalence of “dead cat” metaphors (The Smart Set, 2019)
Oh Brother Why Art Thou, on the Snapchat content channel Brother HQ (Hmm Daily, 2019)
Reckoning with Ambiguity, on Yo La Tengo and Gregory Crewdson (Hazlitt, 2017)


Binky Listens, on the classical music roots of an Arthur meme (Van Magazine, 2018)

The Evolution of Hocketing, on the origins of this complex musical technique (Red Bull Music Academy Daily, 2018)

Rage and Cringe, on conservative opera memes (Van Magazine, 2017)
For Our Consideration: New-Age Music, on the history of this genre and its culture of disengagement (AV Club, 2016)


Sculpting Sounds with Hiro Kone, Q&A with electronic music producer/composer Nicky Mao (Pioneer Works, 2020)
Moshing and Noshing at New Jersey’s Vegan Punk Mecca
, on Montclair Vegan and the Meatlocker (Tenderly, 2019)

Studio Metaphors, on electronic music composer Morton Subotnick (Van Magazine, 2018)

Excavated Timbres, on clarinetist/composer John McCowen (Van Magazine, 2018)


Photographing the Roots of Nationalism in American Youth, on photographer Sarah Blesener (Hyperallergic, 2019)
Life of a Song: Friday I’m in Love, on The Cure’s most upbeat song (The Financial Times, 2019)
Broken Homes, on mixed media artist Adia Millett (Art in America, 2019)
Life of a Song: Here’s to Life, on the Shirley Horn classic (The Financial Times, 2018)
Falling Man: Dag Alveng’s Still Time, on the Norwegian photographer (BOMB, 2018)